Friday, March 20, 2009


Hydrogen Tetraborate,love pink

Carboxyl Road,


Dearest Alkali,

The day I saw you, there were sudden Chemical reactions within me involving phenolic and benzoic rings of love. Chemically, it was found that you were the reagent for the reaction. I wanted to convey my feeling that very day but since Aldehyde, Ketone and Ether were with you, I realized that the reaction conditions are unsuitable & you would show Chemical Inertness. So, I had to control the nuclear reactions of my mind using Cadmium rods.If according to first law of Love Dynamics, the following reaction: Heart(Miss Alkali in absolute privacy), Affection can be propagated, then meet me at Ammonium Restaurant, Butyl Road at 5 PM failing which I shall consume a mixture of H2SO4 + HNO3 + CH3COOH + C4H5ClNO3 +(C2H5)4Pb.

Yours Chemically,
Methanoic Acid

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Movie titles related to students and exams:

The exams for 2nd PUC starting from the Friday 13th here are some movie title related to students


Exams: socha na tha,
Classes: kabhi kabhi,
Question papers: Na tum jano na hum,
Copying: Yaarana,
Maths1: Asambhav,
Maths2:Mission impossible,
1st semester: kuch to hai,
2nd semester: yeh kya ho raha hai,
Distinction: Kal ho na ho,
1st class: Raju ban gaya gentleman,
2nd class:Dil mange more,
Fail: Phir milenge..........!!!


Friday, March 6, 2009

Birth in Tech Age

Little Boy: Dad How was I Born?

Dad: Well, Son your Mom & I Got 2gther At Yahoo".

We Set up A Date Via "E-Mail" & Met In "Cyber Cafe"

your Mom Agreed 2 "Download Data" From My "Pen Drive".

Just  When I Was About 2 "Transfer"

We Realized that Non Of Us Had "Installed" A "Firewall"

It Was 2 Late 2 hit "Delete".

9 Months Later A "Pop-up Window" Appeared Saying

"U Have Got A MALE"