Sunday, December 30, 2012

Its a tit for tat ! shave or crave !

How to get Men get rid of their evening stubble ?? asks blogadda
Tit for Tat is my simple and sure working answer!

We Women Put in so much of effort to look good, there is eyebrow threading, waxing, hair cuts, make up, and what not ! And men are so lazy and take us so lightly that they just SKIP the shave ! not done!
Dont we just love it when He takes the effort to look good, smell good and surprise you with wow gifts? He loves it too!

So, when your man is sporting repeated stubble, making kissing a big prickly fat pain , then stop and make him crave! Give him a taste of his own medicine, dress shoddily, keep yourself ungroomed n pass on the message .

My hubby had this real bad stubble craze or rather laziness drives and dint shave regularly. We were supposed to be on a dinner date together on a Friday, that is when i tried my tit for tat formula...
Hubby arrived home i was dressed in a drab little loose fitting tee and faded jeans and his reaction reaction was worth its worth in gold.

'Why are you not yet ready " he asked his eyes popping out !
Have you lost it ? I AM fully  ready all set to go!
In this?
whats wrong with THIS?
Whats wrong with YOU?
exactly my question ! You dont take efforts to look good for me and well I have lost interest too! Fab or drab does it matter honey? as long as we are together!
Together My foot ! Date cancelled, message reaching right on the spot and a clean shaved and shiny hubby back !

When dashing hubby saath ho, to ghar pe dinner bhi date lage :) Well groomed wala Date ;)

The post is a work of fiction

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