Friday, July 11, 2014

Winning arguments is easy ;)

just follow this rule win away. 
Easy aint it :D 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Leftover Beauty

There was rice cooked and dal tadka too but my football savvy brother decided to order pizza to enjoy with his Fifa world cup match not worrying even for a second of the plain rice already cooked in the Kitchen. what happens to the white beauty and the yellow gold ? who cares said bro ‘ we will reheat and have it in the morning maybe
When morning came I stared into a pot full of plain white rice ,“colour colour where art Thou?” Instantly an image of flavourful bright yellow coloured turmeric lemon rice swarn across my eyes, dimaag ki batti jali and I knew id do just that with my rice!

Mission : Transform white plain rice to bright coloured aromatic tangy lemon rice

Process: put a kadai on stove, add oil. Next add mustard seeds let it pop , add sliced onions and fry until golden brown then add red chilles, curry leaves, peanuts, turmeric powder and saute. Now add lemon juice and salt. Can you smell the slight tartness in the mix already? Yo just a minute more and done.
Now add left over rice and  mix thoroughly TADA… see the transformation happen!
Garnished with fresh green cilantro leaves served in trendy glassware this lemon rice is an exotic vision for my brother.
He takes in the sunny yellow spectacle while the tantalizing aroma of lemon, curry leaves and peanuts work havoc to his olfactory. He takes in a bite and savors the mix of tangy soft rice and crunchy peanuts , delightful this stuff , is this really yesterdays rice ? my brother questions
100% leftover rice albiet transformed I reply.
I can skip a pizza for this he quips

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South Indian Spread

I attended a  neighbors’ south indian wedding a week back and was amazed to find buffet system in place along with fire, mantras and flowers.  Having attended some south indian traditional wedding some years back I was totally expecting food to be served on banana leaf.
I was actually looking forward to having a flavored vegetarian mix of sweet, sour and spicy stuff spread on a green canvas. But alas modernization had caught up bid the green leaf a good bye.
My thoughts went to the wedding of my friends sister I had attended years back. When I sat to eat food, a fresh bana leaf was spread infront of me and then within no time the leaf was covered with an array of colours and flavours.  To start with there was some salt, crunchy masala papad and tangy bright red mango pickle from which a curry leaf peeked out . There was cream white payasam at one corner of the leaf flavoured with cardomom and sprinkled with badams and cahsews which peeked out asking me to savour it right then and I gave in.. Slurrrp , and the payasam disappeared of the green canvas
Then there were some crunchy warm vadas one bite and they were super soft on the inside ,  and a yellow rectangle mysore pak also rested amidst this platter . There also lay my favorite kosambari salad on the leaf a blissful mix of cucumber, bengal gram and mustard worked magic on my senses. Some vegetable curries and the baap of the meal tempting bisi bele baath melted in my mouth feeding my soul.
There were more number of items on this banana leaf menu but I don’t remember most of them having had that years back . But at the fag end of the meal some plain rice and buttermilk was served , perfect soothing way to end a spicy   affair my Yummy tummy squealed.
I so want to eat such a south indian spread soon, someone please invite me to your wedding :)

Since these days people arent using banana leaf it would great to see south indina spread served beautifully in borosil ware

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Gulab Jamun

After having a simple dinner mom declared she had made Gulab jamuns today. Both me and my sister sat up excited. Why werent we told about this before? Because we both would togther gobble up more than half of them and skip dinner mom answered.

Gulab Jamuns are my favourite sweet dish, it is the only reason why i attend parties! My brother who loved kheer more demanded why gulab jamuns were cooked and not kheer. He also mused to why the gulab jamuns were named like that. They neither had roses (gulab) nor had black plums (jamuns) in it! Gulab jamuns do have rose essence in it i replied as whiffs of cardomom and rose water from kitchen made its way to my senses .

Next thing i see is an elegant bowl of borosil in front of me filled with rust brown gulab jamuns swimming merrily in a thick sugar syrup . I was tempted to lift them right off the bowl from my bare hands but sanity prevailed as i caught my mom giving me a tough stare.

I transferred one carmel dumpling into a spoon and then to my mouth savoring its sweetness as a drop of syrup dripped out on my chapped lips. Yummy!

I like to eat my Gulab Jamuns when it is warm and soft and so borosil bowls are perfect for them reheat and eat in the same bowl even hours after it has been made.

This post is an entry for the My Beautiful Food contest organized by Indiblogger in association with Borosil

Laugh away

Some very funny photos i found on facebook which i ahd to share with all :) Have fun