Monday, January 12, 2009


There was a Blind Girl
*WhO Hate Herself
*cOz Of being Blind She Hate every1
*Except her Boy friend
*1 day de Girl said
*that if She can
*Only c the wOrld
*she will marry her bOyfriend
*One day sOme1
*dOnated eyes On her
*& then she saw Every thing
*including her bOyfriend
*her bOyfriend ask her
*"nOw that u can c
*will u Marry Me
*the girl was shOcked when
*she saw her bOyfriend
*is alsO Blind
*& she refuse tO Marry him
*Her bOyfriend walk away
*with Tears & said
*" just take care Of
*my eyes dear."