Monday, April 12, 2010

Ovi maps: Helping my sis with her exams

I found out ovi maps was free and downloaded it on my n97, just to try it out or rather play with it. About a week later my sis(Hina) had her kannada exam and she lost her text book. She was all tears and created a huge mess at home trying to search for the book.

After lot of searching she still wasn’t able to locate her book, it was around 8: PM and she grew tearier with every passing minute. My mom tried explaining to her saying text book was not very important and she could study from her notes, but Hina being Hina just dint give in she was a class topper and dint take chances. She always believed in being perfect. I offered to borrow text from any friend of hers but she said all her friends have exams and so they will need the book too. Finally Mom called up dad asking him to pick up the 8th standard kannada book from any book store on his way back. But but it wasn’t the best of the days for my sister, dad was busy in a meeting and wouldn’t be back home atleast until 11:PM

Now me and mom had to locate a book store in my neighborhood. It wasn’t a difficult task but considering the fact that it was around 9:PM and finding an auto was not only difficult but also expensive ( in Bangalore after they charge double or one and half) it was going to be some job to get a new book. Just then the idea of google hit my head and a second later I realized I had ovi maps on my mobile. I got gps signals in 30 seconds and then I tracked my current location found there were not one not two but three different book stores all in my area. Not only that ovi maps also disclosed to me that two shops were at walk able distance. Ovi maps search feature is awesome it showed me the contact details too. So no extra time waste trying to google. I called up a shop found out they were closing for the day, then I called up the second book shop and he said he would be open for another hour.

And then I started following ovi maps directions got to the shop and rest as they say is HISTORY !
The search feature is perfect, digital compass is fantastic, having hindi as an option on voice navigation is like cherry on cake. The events and geotagging photos are other features I enjoy and use regularly now. Above all what I loved about ovi maps is its simple interface. It doesn’t take a big deal to get used to ovi maps i had no probs being a 1st time user, easy to use simple to understand and operate.

I always heard that “Best things in the world are free” and well ovi maps joining this free brigade gives free a very big new meaning.
So that was my ovi maps story