Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Its a Man's world BUT Girls Rock

When a girl cries - "The world consoles her"
But when a boy cries - " Come on man dont be a girl"
If a girl slaps a boy - "Boy has done the mistake"
If a boy slaps a girl - "Rascal does'nt know how to respect ladies"
If a boy talks to girls - "He is flirting "
If a girl is talking to boys - "She is friendly"
If a girl meets with an accident - "Then its the mistake of others"
If a boy meets with an accident - "Bloody you dont know how to drive"
Still people say - "IT'S A MAN'S WORLD"
But GIRLS ROCK.....!!!!!


IndianPie said...

nice post. Yes, you girls do rock !

zooni said...

oh well nice to hear that from you!!!

Amal said...

Came to know the blog thru stumbleupon. Really nice Post. I feel the same abt girls. If the Boy has an affair with a girl, Boy is a A**. But if a girl has an affair with the boy, then too its the boys mistake :) And this happened in my life :D