Monday, December 29, 2008

Rules and principles for students

5 Rules for students
  1. Never make noise in class because it disturbs others who are sleeping
  2. .Be absent to keep campus clean.
  3. Take some fruits for animals in the staff room.
  4. Always take bags because it acts like a pillow.
  5. Never be early to class otherwise no one will notice you...!!!

5 Principles of students life:

  • Love your bed , it is your temple
  • Relax in the day so that you can sleep at night
  • Dont do something omorrow that you can do day after
  • If you feel like studying sit down and wait till the feeling
    goes away.
  • Dont forget that studying is healthy so leave it for sick

5 Points to prove that you are a normal student

  1. Unnecessary talk on the phone
  2. Plan each day to study but at the end of the day "kal se pakka"
  3. You have all notes but study one day before the exam.
  4. Right now you are thinking of forwarding this to all your friends.
  5. On each point you smiled because its true..!!!


IndianPie said...

Great points !

zooni said...

hey thanx

Alfather said...

Nice... Would inspire any nerd to live a noble life...