Monday, January 7, 2013

Prickly woes!

Smooth, smoother, smoothest !
 Dont we all just like men well groomed ? Kisses are meant to be enjoyed not turn into a prickly punishment session.

Here are tips to make him go get a shave!:

-Do an extra long drooling session with hot clean shaven actors in front of your man, make him go all 'J'

-Avoid the KISS!  every time he approaches for a kiss tell him his stubble pricks n avoid it .

- Ask Him to shave point blank!...... sing Mai Pareshaan Pareshaan every time you spot him with a stubble!

-If he doesnt budge at that Threat him that his next Birthday gift is going to be a super fabulous gillette razor and not a romantic surprise you were initially planning.... yes ladies make him crave so he shaves ;)

- If that doesnt work , go ahead actually gift him a razor ! Infact gift him an all personalized hamper, with shaving cream , after shaves and shaving brush etc, which will actually make him shave :D

- If he is still adamant go ahead give him a personal style make over on his birthday! Ask him 'ill shave you stubble off while you get to watch me do it all being this close to me ? wanna try?'

See him try saying NO to that ;)

Viola You have your man all groomed,  time for party!

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