Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hairy woes!

body hair is big fat atyachaar!

Char paanch che
Hair makes my body look meh! 

BF decides to surprise me whacky!
He gets close to me n Iam all shacky!

Gifts a sleeveless top, in mood for fun
want to see me in it, n my heart says run, run, run...

he says No more Ramanchi,
give me one precious jhalak ji! 

Mind rings a bell out of the blue,
Its Gillette satin care for quick rescue.

Tell him 15  mins and ill be back
A quick shave and iam on track!

satin smooth skin without ado,
the feeling of sunkissed morning Dew
Now even black is such a vibrant hue
I wish I had opted for my hair removal before, PHEW!

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