Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rediscovering my Roots!

This was a long drive into the villages of Uttar pradesh, where i had been to visit my nani after ages.

After having boarded a train from bangalore to Lucknow and a 3 day antakshari filled train journey we were quite exhausted when we finally arrived at the grand nawabi styled lucknow station .

From the station we rented a taxi n headed on a strenuous trip to my granny's village which was  a full 3 hour drive. Driving through the lush green fields, awash with colours of nature we discovered ourselves, our childhood memories, the old world magic of Lucknow and as fresh natural breeze fanned us even as the taxi went galloping like a horse on the kacha pakka roads of  interiors of lakhimpur.

We discovered the real core India , scantily clad children excited at the sight of a car, people having bath at a lake, buffaloes, , cows, bullock carts,  sugarcane fields and more.

When we reached some distance drops of water began do go peter patter ... it was rain splattering against green fauna, and that is when we saw a sight to behold a sight for sore eyes, a clear full Rainbow. Amist beauty of nature and almost setting sun it looked like

Heaven on Earth!

This beauty was etched in my mind forever

 It was  serene sublime experience away from the crowded traffic filled, polluted roads of Bangalore. This was my most memorable trip till date i miss not having time to visit my Granny and have more of such experiences daily

A view of bacha party having bath at a lake

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