Monday, July 7, 2014

Leftover Beauty

There was rice cooked and dal tadka too but my football savvy brother decided to order pizza to enjoy with his Fifa world cup match not worrying even for a second of the plain rice already cooked in the Kitchen. what happens to the white beauty and the yellow gold ? who cares said bro ‘ we will reheat and have it in the morning maybe
When morning came I stared into a pot full of plain white rice ,“colour colour where art Thou?” Instantly an image of flavourful bright yellow coloured turmeric lemon rice swarn across my eyes, dimaag ki batti jali and I knew id do just that with my rice!

Mission : Transform white plain rice to bright coloured aromatic tangy lemon rice

Process: put a kadai on stove, add oil. Next add mustard seeds let it pop , add sliced onions and fry until golden brown then add red chilles, curry leaves, peanuts, turmeric powder and saute. Now add lemon juice and salt. Can you smell the slight tartness in the mix already? Yo just a minute more and done.
Now add left over rice and  mix thoroughly TADA… see the transformation happen!
Garnished with fresh green cilantro leaves served in trendy glassware this lemon rice is an exotic vision for my brother.
He takes in the sunny yellow spectacle while the tantalizing aroma of lemon, curry leaves and peanuts work havoc to his olfactory. He takes in a bite and savors the mix of tangy soft rice and crunchy peanuts , delightful this stuff , is this really yesterdays rice ? my brother questions
100% leftover rice albiet transformed I reply.
I can skip a pizza for this he quips

This post is an entry for the My Beautiful Food contest organized by Indiblogger in association with Borosil